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? TONY SUIT --> home page about us products order gallery WINGSUITS Intro - beginner T-bird - intermediate R-bird - advanced S-bird - experienced X-bird 2 - expert Apache - expert BASE PAGES About Us Products Order Gallery LINKS TonySuit - Jumpsuits

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? TONY SUIT --> home page about us products order gallery WINGSUITS Intro - beginner T-bird - intermediate R-bird - advanced S-bird - experienced X-bird 2 - expert Apache - expert BASE PAGES About Us Products Order Gallery LINKS TonySuit - Jumpsuits Fog Head Studios Raise the sky Skydive City Dropzone Air 2 Air video Flock University Sky 2 Productions BASE School Italia Paralog CONTACT US Email us - General enquiries Tel: 1-813-788-4753 Redefining the way you fly Featured Video: Matt Gerdes - Ground Effect Tonysuit wingsuits allow skydivers and BASE jumpers to realize the dream of human flight; gliding amongst the clouds, to make flock formations and to swoop along the mountainside. Tonysuits offer the best flying performance available, allowing pilots to stay in the air for minutes and to fly for miles. Tonysuit pilots have won all the distance and time competitions in recent years and hold the record for the worlds longest BASE jump and worlds longest skydive. Tonysuit is the worlds largest jumpsuit manufacturer. The company was founded in 1976 by Tony Uragallo and is based in Zephyrhills, Florida, USA. Tonysuits has been involved in producing wingsuits since the early 1990s when it supported the legendary French skydiver Patrick DeGayardon with suits for his ?bat man? wingsuit. Inspired by Patrick, Tony produced many of his own prototype suits and in 2006 launched the Z-Wing range. Find out more about us. LATEST NEWS FLYING SEASON BEGINS The good weather is here at last and Matt has been out flying in France, check out his new video in the gallery . James also made a nice flight with his new Apache setting a personal distance record by reaching the ITW North landing area for the first time. NEW SUITS FOR 2011: X-BIRD 2 & APACHE Tony and Jeff have been busy over the winter putting the finishing touches to two new suits for the 2011 season. Both suits are top end performance wise, with the X-bird 2 aimed at expert wingsuit skydivers and the Apache aimed at expert wingsuit BASE jumpers. Check out the individual suit pages for more details and also the new photos in the gallery . GPS TESTING IN PROGRESS - PARALOG Testing is continuing on the Fusion wingsuit, the suits flights are recorded using a Flysight GPS and then Paralog is used to analyse and log the flight performance, the 3D flight track can also be viewed in Google Earth at the click of a button. Whilst it is true that good pilots need to be able to feel they are flying well, instruments like these can be very useful to compare suits and track your progression. GALLERY UPDATE Check out the new photos and videos in the gallery ! Matt, Jeb, Jeff, Phil and Taya have been busy! PRO BASE WORLD CUP DEBUT Congratulations to Oliver Furrer who competed in the Pro BASE World Cup in Switzerland using his X-bird. Oliver was fastest during the warm up and won 4th place overall - the competition was tough with all the top 10 flyers finishing within a second of each other! For the full race results click here 1st @ WINGS OVER GRANSEE 2010 The Gransee competition tests pilots in three separate discplines Time/ Distance / Speed and the combined scores are used to declare an overall winner. Congratulations to Tony who won 1st place with his X-bird. To see the full competition results click here XRW 2 - WINGSUITS VS CANOPIES! Back for more wingsuit canopy fun but this time with multiple docks and formations with canopy pilots; Jessica Edgeington, Ian Bobo, Jonathan Tagle and wingsuit pilots: Taya Weiss, Jeff Nebelkopf, Will Kitto. Check out the gallery for photos and videos from the event. WINGS OVER MARL 2010 - CLEAN SWEEP! Congratulations to all the TonySuit pilots for there outstanding flying at the recent Wings Over Marl wingsuit competition in Germany. The X-bird pilots performed exceptionally winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the time competition as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the distance! The results were as follows: Result Wingsuit Event Pilot/s Freefall time 1st X-bird Time Helmut Tacke 87.3 secs 2nd X-bird Time Tobi Scherrinsky 69.3 secs 3rd X-bird Time Tim Hedderich 67.6 secs Result Wingsuit Event Pilot/s Freefall distance 1st X-bird Distance Tony Uragallo 2975m 2nd X-bird Distance Helmut Tacke 2557m 3rd X-bird Distance Tobi Scherrinsky 2343m The full results table. A special mention to Helmut Tacke who won the time competition with a record time of 87.3 seconds - an average vertical speed of just 25 mph!! VIDEO - A NEW BEGINNING.. Jeff has just come back from his first wingsuit BASE jumping trip in Switzerland. He has put together a stunning short video of his jumps with some additional footage from the XRW project at the start. Check out the gallery to see Jeff's video as well as some other great clips from wingsuit pilots Jeb Corliss and Matt Gerdes. NEW WINGSUIT DESIGNER Need some help designing the color layout of your new suit? Then the new TonySuit Wingsuit Designer is for you. Check out all the different color combinations and there are also some examples if you need some inspiration. Check out the Wingsuit Designer page to find out more details. FUSION INCORPORATED PARACHUTE SYSTEM Tony is putting the finishing touches to the new Fusion wingsuit for BASE jumpers. The Fusion features an inbuilt parachute tray to offer an amazingly low drag, light weight and high performance system. Check out the Fusion page to find out more details. PROJECT XRW - WINGSUIT vs CANOPY! Check out the amazing video and photos of canopy pilot Jonathan Tagle surfing on the back wingsuit pilot Jeff Nebelkopf. Phil Peggs accompanied the duo to capture amazing photos and video footage. Both Jeff and Phil were flying the X-bird. TONYSUIT WINGSUIT WEBSITE LAUNCH The new website is here at last and we are proud to unveil the new "Bird" range of wingsuits. Please have a look around and don't forget to check out the photos and videos in the gallery. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE We will be updating the website regularly but we also post news, photos and videos on our FaceBook page, join our page: Tony Suit Inc © 2010 • 40343 Air Time Ave, Zephyrhills, FL 33542, USA • Privacy Policy

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